The willingness to be vulnerable is our greatest protection. It creates love and dissolves opposition.

For most people, the thought of being vulnerable is very threatening. We think this will open us up to getting hurt. Actually, it’s the other way around. Being vulnerable is your greatest protection. When your walls of protection are down, you radiate love. This dissolves opposition and resistance against you. Getting hurt then becomes a lot less likely.

Look in the face of someone who has little or no walls of protection. What do you see? The words you would use to describe this person are the same words that you would use to describe the experience of love. They are the same words because this person is radiating love.

Now find someone whose walls are thick. Notice how uncomfortable you feel. This person is pushing away love. The same thing happens when your walls are up. You push away love. You also create an environment where people can’t be themselves around you. Then they put up their walls.

When two people in a relationship have their walls up, a heart to heart connection becomes very difficult. Instead of creating a relationship of love, they create one of conflict and distance.

When you are willing to be vulnerable, people feel safe around you. Their put down their walls and automatically express love in return. When you have two people expressing love, you have a great relationship.

We keep our walls up because we think this will somehow protect us from the hurt, but what side of the wall is the hurt on? The hurt we avoid isn’t outside of us. It’s inside. Our walls don’t keep the hurt out, they keep the hurt in. Instead of protecting us, they become our prison.

Being willing to be vulnerable is one of the keys to creating a great life. It’s also a state of mind. Like letting go, it’s totally separate from your actions. You can be vulnerable and still say no. Just do it with love.

Be willing to be hurt again and again. Trust that you will be okay no matter what happens. Open your heart and express your love. As you do this, you change the world around you. You bring out the best in people and you create a life full of love and joy.

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